Corona guidelines

Outdoor meetings

Masks are optional. If someone is wearing a mask, we ask you to put your mask too if you sit nearby or interact with them. We encourage you to also do a quick test the day of the event.

Indoor meetings

For all indoor meetings we follow the guidelines below:


If you have COVID-19 symptoms please stay at home.


We will be using FFP-2 masks at all times inside.


We encourage you to also do a quick test the day of the event.

Max amount of attendees

We can only allow a maximum of 30 attendees indoors. We will give a pin with a number to every person when they enter and we wont be able to allow more people inside after all those numbers are gone. Try to be on time!


Please help us with regular opening of the windows during the meeting.


We won’t be eating and drinking indoors, as its incompatible with wearing masks all the time.

Online Event

For all those folks for whom it’s too risky to join an in-person meeting at the moment: maybe there is a wish to host an online meeting that day and time too? Are there volunteers to host one? Let us know if you would like to host one and we will share the info.

Contact info

[email protected]

Updated 31.01.2023