Corona guidelines

We follow these guidelines for indoor meetings. For outdoor events, masks are currently optional. If someone is wearing a mask, we ask you to put your mask too if you sit nearby or interact with them.


If you have COVID-19 symptoms please stay at home.

General notes

To be able to host this event indoors we must abide with the current Corona regulations. If you have any questions about this, please send us an email or contact us in slack.

2G Rule

We ask everyone who join the meeting to follow the 2G rule (genesen, geimpft). That means you either had covid or are fully vaccinated (+14 days after second dose). Please bring your certificate, if possible digital. We will be scanning them using CovPass-check app.

We encourage you to also do a quick test the day of the event.


We will be using FFP-2 masks at all times inside, and outside is optional and you can take them off. If you see someone wearing a mask outside when they talk to you, please ask them if they want you to wear your mask too.


Tracking attendance is important to help us notify all of you in case of a positive PCR test. We will be offering two ways of doing this:

  • Corona-Warn-App

We will create a QR Code in Corona Warn-App that you can scan when entering the space. You will need the Corona Warn-App installed in your phone beforehand. The advantage of this App is that people who were exposed to someone who tested positive has access to a free PCR test. No information of you is transmitted to us when you check-in using this code.

  • Attendance Sheet

If you don’t want to use the app, we will ask you to fill in your name (whatever name you prefer, it’s just for us to know who you are, we don’t need to know your surname) and contact info (email or phone number) in an Attendance sheet, to keep track of who has been to the event. Please write it legibly. In case there is a positive case afterwards, we will contact everyone on this list to let them know about it. We will destroy the list 2 weeks after the event is finished and no contact info will be stored anywhere.

Max amount of attendees

We can only allow a maximum of 30 attendees indoors. We will give a pin with a number to every person when they enter and we wont be able to allow more people inside after all those numbers are gone. Try to be on time!


Please help us with regular opening of the windows during the meeting.


We won’t be eating and drinking indoors, as its incompatible with wearing masks all the time.

Online Event

For all those folks for whom it’s too risky to join an in-person meeting at the moment: maybe there is a wish to host an online meeting that day and time too? Are there volunteers to host one? Let us know if you would like to host one and we will share the info.

What to do in case of a positive case

If you have been to one of our events and you tested positive up to 5 days after the event is over, we ask you to do a PCR test and get in touch with us (see contact info below) before alarming anyone else.

If the PCR test is positive, we will let everyone in the attendance list know about it, asking them to get tested too.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • If you did a quick test (schnelltest) that was positive, we ask you to do a PCR test before getting worried. It’s often the case that quick tests are false positive so it’s better to do a PCR test to get a result we can all rely on.

  • We also don’t want to alarm the entire community before having precise information so we ask you to get in touch with us and communicating us about the PCR test result before alarming anyone else.

Where to do a PCR test

If you used the Corona-Warn-App and someone tested positive, the app will let you know and you can have a free PCR test at the Landeseigene Testzentren.

In most testing centers you can do a free PCR if you do a schnelltest with them that was positive. We advise you to call the center that is closer to you and ask them about this.

Also you can now do a free PCR test if you are a risiko contact. Your doctor has to confirm you have been a contact person or have a positive schnelltest in the testing place before. Read more here.

We also know that the PCR am Leo do a PCR test for 30 euros if you are a contact person with someone whose PCR test was positive. And if you did a schnelltest with them and it was positive, the PCR is free.

Contact info

[email protected]

Updated 03.12.2021