Against a TERF clause in the Selbstbestimmungsgesetz!

Monday April 3, from 17:00 - 18:30, outside the Bundestag

Protest against the TERF clause

The German coalition has been promising a gender self-determination law since it was sworn in, parts of it even since their previous term. And now they say they have finally figured out how to give us what they themselves call the basic dignity of gender self-determination.


To appease the TERFs in their midst, they will simply add a special clause that will make it clear that trans women can still be excluded from women’s safe spaces. That places or business may still subject people to absurd house-regulations meant to keep anyone who doesn’t pass whatever their standard of femininity is out of the safe spaces that they need. That it’s ok to police our gender based on our appearance. And that generally, anyone can just ignore the self-determined gender that we would finally be allowed to write on our papers.

The coalition intends to bring the law with the new TERF clause to be approved by the relevant ministries before the Spring Vacation.

This is why, on Monday April 3, from 17:00 to 18:30, we will stand outside the Bundestag and remind those legislators on their way home, that trans, intersex and nonbinary rights are human rights, that you can’t tell who’s a woman just by looking at them, and that the law they are offering for us to have the basic dignity of determining our own gender is only worth the paper it’s written on, if business and institutions are required to respect what our gender registry says, regardless of what we look like.

Join us with your banners, chants, speeches and stories, and let’s make sure that they can’t ignore us while legislating about us!


Last update: 2023.03.31