Demo für Selbstbestimmungsgesetz

Friday 19.06.2020 13:30

The new law draft for Gender Self-Determination - gathering in support in front of the Bundestag

On Friday, 19/06/20 at 14:45, a new law draft for Gender Self-Determination will be read and opened for feedback on the German Bundestag floor. The discussion will go on till 15:20.

We call everybody who believes it should be a person’s right to self-determine their gender identity and expression, including their name, registration and body, to join us from 13:30 to 15:30 in front of the Bundestag, in Platz der Republik, to support the new law and show the Bundestag it is the right way to go.

The new law, drafted in collaboration with inter- and trans-advocacy organizations, is meant to emphasize the constitutional right for self-determination, by replacing the outdated Transexual-Law (TSG), by removing the limitations on the current Ptsg45b, which currently serves intersex people only partially and excludes gender nonbinary people, and by setting legal sanctions against institutions and organizations who break it.

While the existing laws require a lengthy, expensive and humiliating procedure for trans people to change their names and registered genders, demand intersex people to bring medical proof for their status, allow unnecessary surgery on non-consenting intersex infants and children, ignore gender-nonbinary people and fail to supply protection against discrimination, the new law requires only a declaration in the registry office (with permission from legal guardians for children under 14 and people who can’t legally represent themselves) in order to change one’s name and gender registry, which then becomes binding for all official matters, and can be changed again after a year. It also prohibits medically-unnecessary genital or reproductive surgery on children who did not choose to have them, makes consultation, hormone replacement therapy and gender-affirming surgery available for individuals based upon their own decisions, and holds institutions and organizations accountable for failing to comply with the law.

If the Bundestag understands the importance of this law and passes it, Germany will be joining Sweden, Denmark, Malta, Ireland, Norway, Belgium and Island: the European countries which already have similar laws in place.

Join us with banners, signs and high spirits, to clearly tell the Bundestag: Yes! We need this law, and it’s time you pass it and let us determine our own gender, free of intervention and judgement!

Last update: 2020.06.12