Call for contributions

Our meetup will have a small table at the Queer Zinefest Berlin happening in May 9th 2020, where we will release our new collaborative zine as well as personal zines made by nonbinary identified people.

The prompt for our collaboration is “Nonbinary”. It can be personal, abstract, real experiences, and most importantly: interpreted however you want!

If you want to participate in the group zine:

  • You can submit your contribution to us per email or social media.
  • Join in person the meeting where we have a zine corner, bring some supplies and spend time doing something creative there.


Participation guidelines:

  • We agreed that everyone could have up to one A4 size paper, but of course you can also make something smaller (A5, A6, whatever).
  • You can submit your piece per email to [email protected] or bring it to the next meetup in April.
  • Please add your name directly to the piece if you want it to be seen.
  • Your submission can be writing, comics, art, links to blogs or websites, barcodes, tiny personal zines to be glued into the larger zine, inserts, or whatever you want actually. Please talk to Aren if you have a creative idea that you want to make sure can fit. We can totally bridge the technological world to the old school style.

Aren will bring the partially assembled zine to the meetup in April for us to have a look together, and the group can give feedback about layout or whatever. They will also be able to help us with layout, creative ideas, and answer your questions.

If you have any questions, just get in touch with us via email:

Last update: 2020.03.02